Carr Lane Manufacturing was founded in 1952 to produce industrial tooling components for the aerospace industry. Over half a century later, we’re still leading the aerospace parts manufacturing industry by utilizing our exceptional knowledge and expe

Aerospace Items Carr Lane makes more than 7, 000 dedicated aerospace items, from which more than 5, 000 UT, CTS, and STD part numbers in India IBK Engineers Pvt Ltd

CARR LANE MADE TO ORDER AEROSPACE TOOLING COMPONENTS – Can’t find the exact part you’re looking for in our aerospace tooling components catalogue? Special items are always available from Carr Lane Manufacturing and we are more than happy to accommoda

In a complex industry like aerospace and difence, Carr Lane Expanding Pins provide exceptional precision and the highest tolerance alignment of two holes. Carr Lane Expanding Pins provide excellent shear strength, comparable to a solid pin. Available

Aerospace items more than 400 UT items are in stock by Carrlane and soled by IBK Engineers in

Carr Lane aerospace 7000 items for Boeing and distributor IBK Engineers in

Robotics compact 6-axis robots are ideally suited for the Lab Automation, Medical, Consumer, Food, Automotive, Electronics, PC Peripheral, Semiconductor, Plastics, Appliance and Aerospace industries. They can be used for a wide variety of application

Captive Locating ScrewsCarr Lane Captive Locating Screws for locating and clamping or just clamping by selecting the appropriate screw length. Featuring a precision-ground body, these American-Made aerospace bushing’s spring clip snaps into the body

Carr Lane distributer supples IBK Engineers from India supplies a complete range of drill bushings, press-fit bushings, renewable bushings, linear bushings, castable bushings, chip-breaker bushings High-temperature application bushing for aerospace,

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