Onrobot new 3FG15 3-

Onrobot 3FG15 3-finger gripper in India

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Onrobot new 3FG15 3-finger gripper puts you on top against pneumatic 3-finger grippers that are bulkier and less flexible. Onrobot 3FG15 3 - finger gripper has an impressive maximum stroke of 150mm in a sleek design that can easily handle multiple processes. It provides a strong, stable grip for both form-fit inside the object or friction fit external gripping, adding flexibility to your implementation. On robot 3FG15 Features: Precise stable grip with automatic centring Large 150mm stroke for parts from 20mm to 150mm Form-fit internal and friction fit external gripping 15kg payload Weight 1.15kg, gripping force 20-240 N Fast, flexible deployment

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