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CKD Pneumatic products now in stock, We support all customers in their low-cost automation for thir projects in India.

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McMaster Carr products now in India. For easy and fast delivery please call or send us an email today. MRO McMaster Carr product is us in all plants in India.

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We supply all TIDC Chains and Chain links for industrial application. to get the best price please call us.

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Aluminium T slot assembly table for electronics and electrical assembly used in industry. These tables are custom built as per industrial application.

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Thread insets from Carr Lane for soft metals. Solid thread inserts are used in all industrial applications.

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IBK Engineers Pvt. Ltd is the renowned company which is involved in the wholesaling, supplying, distributing and trading of optimum quality products. We are the Private Limited Company based company which came into existence in 2014 at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India and providing Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Mechanical Bearing, Roller Chain, Steel Rear Sprocket, Safety Equipments, Automotive Components, Electric Equipments and many more. Additionally, we are also providing Electrical Contactor and Electric Contractor service.

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Carr Lane Mfg warrants that the products described herein will be free from defects in material and workmanship. Carr Lane India distributor supplies all carr lane products in India, Gulf, Asea and globally. email us at

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Stainless steel ball lock pin from Carr Lane US for marine application and corrosion application.

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Grip Hand Knobs are easy to use in your application. We supply all types hand knobs from Carr Lane us.

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Ball Lock Pin or Quick lock pin is the same product used in positive locking unit and released by the pushing button to quick release. This Ball lock pin save production time and improve productivity.